Coming in February 2022

Seal Swimming Montague Island
Explore the Coastline from Bermagui to Narooma

Snorkel with playful seals at Montague Island


The coastline from Bermagui to Narooma is simply breathtaking and being able to showcase Montague Island is a privilege. Montague Island rests in the shadow of Gulaga Mountain and is located in the Batemans Marine Park,  a nature lover's paradise.


It is home to both an Australian Fur Seal and a New Zealand Fur Seal colony, Little Penguin colonies, Grey Nurse Shark breeding grounds and thousands of seabirds nest here each year. It holds special cultural significance to the local Aboriginal peoples and is rich in history. The waters between Bermagui and Montague are full of wildlife with Dolphins and Seals (year round) and Whales (May to November) moving through them.

This is an truly immersive experience that you won't forget!


Our experienced guides will join you in the water to introduce you to playful seals and help you to explore this amazing underwater world.

We are committed to ethical interactions with these playful seals so numbers are very limited. In-water groups are small and personalised care is guaranteed. Your safety and the preservation of the marine environment are our main priorities.


Our ethos is that we are there to observe - to immerse ourselves in this incredible marine ecosystem. We do not encourage nor permit touching the seals or other marine life and all care must be taken not to damage the reef system or over stimulate it’s inhabitants in our interactions. 

Seal Swimming in Montague Island


Snorkelling gear is available if needed. However, we recommend that if you have your own gear that you bring this with you.


A yummy home baked morning tea with hot tea, coffee and milo and a delicious selection of local produce for lunch served onboard. 


Tours will commence after the school holiday season on Sundays and run through to April.